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Ephemeralization //

What? //

That’s a wild sounding word, right? // Say it // Ephemeralization //

E-phem-er-al-ization //

Literally explains everything about everything // The ability to do more and more with less and less // Until you can do everything with nothing //

That’s Innovation // We love creating new things // Especially new ways of thinking //

Right? // It’s a funny thing, innovation // It’s inherently inefficient // Trial and error // Experimentation //

Tests that fail // And fail again // But we’re passionate //

And perhaps stubborn //

Dude // YOU’RE stubborn! //

Haha // But for real // We’re not tied to the old ways //

Because they’re the old ways //

And that’s never been our thing //

That Hollywood sh*t’s never been us //

AlterEgo // This Is Us //

That’s already a thing // But continue //

AlterEgo //

A perfectly complimentary duality //

And people love dualities // Classically Modern // Sharply Soft ... //

Alone Together // too soon? //

Living at the dichotomy between Ephemeralization and Innovation // Creating new ways to do more and more // With less and less //

That sounds accurate //

Not just paving the runway while landing the plane //

Planning to pave the runway while landing the plane //

Trust, there’s a difference //

Trust, I miss being on planes headed to a shoot //

I love planes! //

(We know) //

Grit // Resilience // Passion // This is our mindset //

Creatives championing the art of storytelling // wherever // however //

We don’t just dream it // We do it //

Word //

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