January 6th

Campaign - Max

The Capitol Has Been Breached!

We partnered with Discovery+ to conceptualize, design, write, produce and edit a trailer and corresponding promos for the world premiere of January 6th, a feature-length film chronicling the attack on the US Capitol. The documentary was created by Emmy Award-winning filmmakers Gédéon and Jules Naudet. We extracted the many powerful personal testimonies and limited cleared footage from the more than two-hour film and finely distilled them into a poignant trailer. We also created a :30 and :15 promo for use online and on-air across the globe. Finally, we designed custom, 3D title cards and an end page with design elements including a light table and Rubylith film over the stenciled title treatment and key art, which had multiple layers falling into place as the animation unfolded.

Campaign - Max : January 6th

Design Exploration

stencil_grunge_red_001 copy.jpg
cloth_fracturing_eagle_statues_002_ copy.jpg
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screen_shot_2022-10-18_at_8.18.12_pm copy.jpg

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