Heather Roymans is a Partner Director Writer and Creative Director at AlterEgo. Justin Kanner is a Partner Director Sr. Editor Colorist Director of Photography at AlterEgo.

Heather Roymans
& Justin Kanner

Founders. Partners. Friends.
Better Together

Heather Roymans

Heather began her career at the Discovery Channel where she worked her way up to Creative Director spearheading multi platform campaigns for promotables like Shark Week, Deadliest Catch and Planet Earth. She then explored development working for a production company that took her around the country researching potential talent for History, Food, and A&E. As Partner and Creative Director of AlterEgo, she now leads a team of creatives yielding the kinds of original ideas that become kick ass campaigns. She’s a mother of two, avid runner, Mid-century modern fanatic and lover of all things wine and cheese.

And if she can dream it, he can do it.

Justin Kanner

A resilient Swiss army knife of skills, if Justin could choose anything in the world, he would choose to be doing exactly this (except maybe Formula 1. Yeah, he would definitely be an F1 driver). Having grown up in a post house, he learned how to tell a perfectly timed story with the flick of his Wacom. Addicted to the desire to keep learning, he has spent his career building on what he knows and taking it to the next level. He is a C.S.I. certified Colorist, an FAA licensed Drone Pilot, and is a damn smooth MoVI operator. There isn’t a problem too daunting so when our clients need custom solutions for complex production challenges, they know who to call.

Experts at expanding their expertise.

Relentless in their pursuit of trial and success.

Endlessly playing the game.

We are AlterEgo

And our purpose is to create. Together.

Campaigns. Promos. Branded Entertainment.

We Direct. Shoot. Edit. Creative Direct. Design. Animate.

Write. Revise. Rip it up.

Start Over. Devise. Frame. Figure.

Resubmit. Reconfigure.


We are an independent,

Woman owned and operated,

Perfectly balanced,

Production company.

And our purpose is to create. Together.

We are visual thinkers who believe in the power of strategy,

And the strength of our process.

We come up with big ideas,

jump at challenges,

and are courageous in our approach.

Always keeping it collaborative.

We believe that we have something to offer YOU

in return for your TRUST. US.


Better Together

Friends with Benefits
(you know... Health, Dental, PTO)

Trish Tong,

Trish Tong

Executive Producer

Erica Kern,

Erica Kern

Associate Creative Director

Megan Gygax,

Megan Gygax

Senior Writer/Producer

Rory Sheridan,

Rory Sheridan

Senior Editor

Nate Hoeft,

Nate Hoeft

Senior Editor/Sound Designer

Hannah Testa,

Hannah Testa

Junior Editor

Tyler Proctor,

Tyler Proctor

Senior Sound Designer/Mixer

Julia Berrebi,

Julia Berrebi

Production Assistant

Jason Leta,

Jason Leta

Senior Motion Graphics Artist