Life Below Zero: Next Generation

Nat Geo

You Ask

You know that uber-successful series that’s a staple on our network’s programming lineup? We’re launching a spin off series and want you to create the on air, off air, and social campaign. The creative development is in your court with only one rule: Make it stand apart from the last 16 seasons.

We Answer

Not only are we big fans of the Life Below Zero brand and have enjoyed working on several past seasons, this was also an opportunity to work with one of our favorite partners at National Geographic, Sarah Lavoie. A win-win!

We knew just where to start in order to make this campaign stand out from all the others. Music! Without the budget to license a popular track, Writer/Producer Megan Gygax dove into the network’s music library and came up with a gem. You know it’s a good one when the client has to double check that it was in fact not a pop track.

With the mood established by music, Partner/Executive Creative Director Heather Roymans and Associate Creative Director Erica Kern joined forces to comb through the beautiful BBC show footage. Knowing viewers were already familiar with the show’s premise but not the new characters, they worked with Partner and “Editor-for-Life” Justin Kanner on a concept that provided another opportunity to switch it up from past seasons. Opting for a slower edit they focused on intense portraits of the new cast members intercut with action shots and complemented by lyrics to reinforce the harsh landscape and lifestyle these men and women have chosen for themselves.

Soon after we got word the spots were approved the entire campaign was earmarked for an off air spend. We were already in great shape since we had a creative that could work everywhere. No need to make an entirely different creative when the on air spots are already solid. The only change was to add a tune in tag with the familiar voiceover used on previous Life Below Zero promos. A nice nod to the iconic brand that viewers already recognize. Every spot was also customized for social use as 1x1 or 9x16, making sure to deliver a top notch viewer experience on all platforms.

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