Heather Roymans

Director, Live Action

Raised in a small New England town as one of four daughters, Heather fell in love with make believe early in life.
There wasn’t a story out of reach. If you could dream it she could act it, sing it, write it, and play it on the piano.

During her formative years, she lived in Washington, D.C. and earned her spots as Creative Director for Discovery Channel
leading promo campaigns for some of the most popular reality series and specials in television. 
While there, Heather grew alongside groundbreaking directors and cinematographers around the world.

Heather co-founded and has led AlterEgo for almost a decade directing lifestyle, reality, automotive, sports, travel and
docu-style content for Warner Brothers Discovery, TLC, Tennis Channel, MotorTrend, OWN, National Geographic,
Subaru, Samsung and the Obama Foundation, to name a few.

Heather is currently focusing on short to mid-form content creation with her partner and cinematographer, Justin Kanner,
as well as working on her first original brand story film.

– Heather Roymans, Director, Live Action –

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