Heather Roymans

Director, Live Action

I crave adventure and have built my life around this insatiable urge and endless curiosity. I have been a body double for Julie Bowen in a Shark Cage with great whites, charged headlong into desert flash floods, attacked the aquavit challenge with the crew of Deadliest Catch in Dutch Harbor, climbed to the top of Angel’s Landing and gazed upon the ancient ruins of Tikal. I’ve chased the sun with Jimmy Chin, run lines with Olympian Justin Rose, created intimate scenes with Michelle Obama, sculpted light on Shaun White, rocked Sturgis with Billy Idol, and conjured up some cool ghost talk with Kesha.

I am a certified travel storyteller with a writer’s eye. Weaving color and chronicle together into a beautiful tapestry of the world’s most delightful and diverse tales.

I am currently focusing on short to mid-form content creation with my partner and cinematographer, Justin Kanner, as well as working on our first original film.

– Heather Roymans, Director, Live Action –

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Director Reel 2023

AlterEgo: Live Action Reel

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