2020 Image

AMC Premiere

You Ask

From concept through creation, develop an image campaign inclusive of a :60 trailer with :30 and :15 cutdown, that features AMC Premiere’s 2020 series lineup and touts the values the subscription brings its audience. Feel free to experiment, take risks, be bold, edgy and unexpected!

We Answer

You can’t hold us back! We have been craving a dream opportunity like this and immediately dove into screening and logging the latest seasons of our featured series to kick off our brainstorming process. After pitching multiple concepts, our ‘Identity Crisis’ concept stood out as the winner for further script development.

Identity Crisis Concept 2

While screening we couldn’t help but relate to AMC viewers and their connection to the characters on screen. Each one is developed so eloquently and is ever-evolving. We really wanted to tap into the loyal AMC fan-base to find out, what makes them tick? We expanded upon this notion of how we, the viewer, are constantly deciphering who these characters are…and then turned it around to develop a script where the main characters are analyzing the viewer. Our audience is instead the mystery, the focus, the center of the plot - the key to unlocking the world that AMC Premiere creates this amazing content both for and around.

Moving into edit, normally our goal is to diversify shot selection, and we especially want to use great wide shots to showcase as much scope as possible. With our creative focus on identity, we instead wanted to connect the audience with AMC’s cast of characters in a very immediate way. You can’t necessarily convey identity in a panoramic wide shot, so we needed to get as close to these characters as possible. To do this, we used a lot of compelling close ups. We also tried to make match action edits convey the idea that all of these great characters are tangentially linked to one another. Thankfully, AMC shows are beautifully shot regardless of the frame, so we had a lot of good looking choices!

Fun Fact

After all this discussion and analysis of identity, we couldn’t help but ask ourselves, “Which AMC character would we be?”

  • Erica (ACD): Eve from Killing Eve. She’s an anxiety-riddled rule follower with an ethical core, who is intrigued by human behavior.
  • Megan (Writer/Producer): Florence from The Little Drummer Girl. She is full of spirit and spunk and in spite of temptations that are in her path, she remains loyal to her end goal.
  • Nate (Senior Editor/Sound Designer): Peter from Dispatches from Elsewhere. He is fascinated by the puzzle hiding just beyond what we can see. Editing itself is much like a puzzle solved through your creative pursuit.