Black Love "This Season On"


You Ask

Are you on board to develop concepts for the launch and “This Season On” creative for the sixth and final season of this revolutionary series? Each cut should have its own style, the :30/:15 should feel more upbeat and dynamic, while the TSO should let storylines breathe allowing fans to really feel the love.

We Answer

For the launch, OWN requested that we hone in on the idea of how this series transformed the audiences’ views on black relationships. Rather than feeding into drama or negativity, this series portrays the authentic love that is felt in everyday black relationships. And the viewer gets a very intimate perspective, seeing and hearing these stories from each couple in their own homes. The largest creative challenge was the footage; although these interesting people had incredible stories to tell, a static two-shot set-up on a couch doesn’t leave much in the way of building a visually diverse cut. In order to keep things fun and engaging we opted to build momentum throughout the piece with the use of quick-read card copy and a fast tempo music track. Our biggest arrow in the quiver was to interplay setups and reactions from the show’s guests, as well as have them finish each other’s sentences. Intertwining their thoughts, reactions and moments emphasized how each story is simultaneously unique, relatable, transparent and always about love.

For the TSO, while the goal was to retain that feeling of being entertaining and flavorful, we had more time to showcase the variety of journeys that each couple has found themselves on. Being the last season, we wanted to introduce and feature the newest couples most (but we couldn’t help but get the always amazing Viola Davis in there!!). We wanted to give viewer’s that warm and fuzzy feeling with a dash of comedy, so we opted for a library music track that gave off the Motown vibes but with a modern twist. We then found quick cuts aways of the couple’s playing off each other to help set a flirtatious tone in which audiences could feel like they were part of the stories as well.

Fun Fact

Black Love was created by husband-and-wife filmmaking duo, Codie and Tommy Oliver. They put themselves in the hot seat this season and you can see them in our launch at 00:06 and the TSO at 00:02.