Belle Collective 'launch campaign'


You Ask

Are your ears ringing? That can only mean one thing, the Belles are back! We’re ready for the second season of Belle Collective and need ‘concept to completion’ collaboration on our launch campaign. Each element needs its own creative direction; the launch focusing on the fiery Belles - think meme-able, funny, light - where the “This Season On” trailer should focus on developing more of the storyline teasing all the drama to come.

We Answer

Don’t let their Southern charm and flawless façade fool you; these ladies are fierce and ready for whatever you throw their way. These boss Belles have a lot of spice and attitude and we wanted to infuse those characteristics into each piece.

For the launch, we were excited as the OWN team instructed us to find moments that played up the humor of the ladies’ unique lives, juxtaposing self-professed high-class socialites with their drama-fueled small-town reality. As Southern Belles, there was never a shortage of petty, “honey,” being tossed around, which sparked the inspiration for the script to focus on Queen Bees. To tie it all together, we went with the classic Flight of the Bumblebee score, which helped drive home the mischievous irony in the show. Then it was just a matter of finding the perfect moments that helped illustrate their contradictory actions vs. words, sprinkle in some fun reaction shots (shoutout to SoGucci!) and voila, we’ve got a Belle Collective launch spot. Honey.

For the TSO, we chose copy points that played off the Belle’s Southern location of Jackson, MS. A top priority for OWN, we searched for fun ways to introduce the two new Belles, SoGucci and Aikisha, with bites that played off the card copy. From there, it was all about picking the ideal, quick sound ups to reintroduce the drama from season 1 and get the scoop on all the new conflicts to come.

This also was the first campaign to sport the *newly* refreshed Keep It Real design package. Be on the lookout for a follow up case study detailing our journey to rebrand a weekend block filled with drama, drama and more drama!

Fun Fact

The show’s Belle’s Lateshia and Aikisha are both working to revive the Farish Street Historic District in Jackson, MS. In the mid-twentieth century, Farish Street was the largest economically independent African American community in Mississippi. Without upkeep and reinvestment, structures have shuttered and decayed but these Belles are trying to turn that around and bring it back to life.