Hello Happy

Discovery & Hershey's S'mores

You Ask

Communicate that S’mores aren’t only for campfires but a family friendly snack to be enjoyed anywhere, anytime.

We Answer

Everyone loves S’mores, right? Well, Heather actually doesn’t. But even if you don’t, you probably can appreciate the idea of huddling around a summer campfire and cooking your snacks on a stick. It’s what made us an advanced species, after all. But whether in the toaster oven or microwave... for game nights or movie nights … S'mores represent happiness. Knowing that we didn’t have the time or budget to pitch back live action and being provided no assets to create an edit, we knew the best way to tackle this project was to pitch three delicious animation styles and the winning concept featured poppy 3D icons. I dare you not to smile!

First Image
Second Image
Third Image
Fourth Image
Single Image

Fun Fact

Did you know that each breakable section of a Hershey's Milk Chocolate bar is called a Pip? And that it takes 6 pips (or 1/2 a bar) to make a traditional S'more. A PIP. That is super cute.