NASCAR Under Pressure


Ready to Race

With MotorTrend as our partner, we conceptualized, wrote, produced, designed and edited a trailer for the launch of the new docu-series, NASCAR 2020: Under Pressure. Our goal was to highlight this transitional year through intense, fast-paced editing, driving music, an epic soundscape and aggressive design and text animation across all of the brand’s various platforms.

“2020 was filled with its challenges for the world, and producing quality content was not immune to those challenges. Getting to collaborate with AlterEgo on the NASCAR Under Pressure campaign made those challenges a little easier. The group came with fresh eyes and an eagerness to tell the unbelievable story that the sport, and its drivers had to offer. It’s a product I think we all can mark as a victory”- MotorTrend

MotorTrend: NASCAR Under Pressure

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