US Chamber of Commerce

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Promote the results of the Chamber of Commerce’s Harris Poll survey which raises awareness for the issue of lawsuit abuse in an approachable and amusing way

We Answer

For the second consecutive time, the US Chamber of Commerce tapped us to promote the results of their survey. We pitched back several concepts and they all rallied around the reality food show parody space. But they didn’t want a Chopped style panel of judges, they wanted Gordon Ramsey. True story, we reached out to him and he politely declined so we did what any great directors would do. We call in THE premiere impersonator. Cheerio, ladies and gents. Alter Ego was off to London town. After a lightning pre-production schedule we touched down in the UK ready to rock this Hell’s Kitchen parody. And rock it we did. Directing the #1 Gordon Ramsey impersonator was a great honor. He actually worked as hard as any actor I have ever had the pleasure of directing and he had multiple scripts and versions to get through in a packed one day shoot (which we wrapped on time). Dressing this set was one of our favorite aspects of directing this shoot as fresh veggies make colorful and versatile props and provide that pop of color against this cold monochromatic background. The overall color palette for this was cool to play up the clean whites and silvers of the pristine Kitchen Made store we chose as our perfect location in London. Bon Appetite!

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Fun Fact

Whenever Heather travels for work she brings along this Harry Potter Lego figure and sends back pictures to her kids. So, when we scored free box seat tickets to the season opener for Arsenal, Gryffindor’s greatest wizard made an appearance.