The Race Is On

Audi/ VW

You Ask

The client calls at 5p. Needs a :90 spot by noon the next day. Sends over a few hundred gigs of footage, stat. Oh, they need new graphics too!

We Answer

Maybe this seems daunting to some. Not to us. And especially not when you’re throwing out words like VW and Audi. Here at AlterEgo, we love cars. We’re borderline obsessed with them. So yeah. We took the gig and immediately got a second spot out of the deal. Pouring through racing footage … mocking up designs … choosing tracks of music. All done in the span of hours not days. There was no secret to this piece except good old fashioned elbow grease. We worked relentlessly to get this spot across the finish line because that is what we do.

Fun Fact

This was Heather & Justin’s first project together as Creative Director and Editor, respectively. After delivering this 48-hour miracle to the client it solidified their respect for one another and laid the groundwork for a future of successful partnerships. Plus, Heather know owns an Audi so … advertising works.