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You Ask

A former colleague rings and asks if you and your team can create a sound driven spot for a golf brand to air on the Golf Channel during the Masters. In a week. They are looking to us to solve the questions of how best to execute, whether it be stock or custom shoot and original composition verses library track.

We Answer

All Aces

A good collaboration based on trust is everything and that is what we had here in spades. Our partners at Buffalo.Agency hustled hard to make this piece stand out and they fought for a great creative idea that they knew would break through the clutter. A solid message and solid products made planning this shoot in a few days doable. As always, we hit the ground running cutting our signature pre pro animatic timed out to a beat the client had identified as the perfect sound base- the pace of a golfer juggling. We built on that layering in other familiar golf sounds, the zip of a bag, the swoosh of a driver and the sweet sound of the ball rolling into the cup. We built a visual shot list to deliver on the audio story we had created and arrived on set ready to shoot twenty five unique scenes. It was also early Spring here so there wasn’t an abundance of trees but by looking for opportunistic angles and timing the day right with the sun, we were able to keep the piece warm enough to be convincible and well within the guidelines of our established color palette. Using the movi and floating between our 85mm, 50mm and 35mm lenses we successfully captured every scene. We shot on a Wednesday, had a first cut on Thursday, fine cut Friday, composed on Saturday, color corrected on Sunday and delivered on Monday.

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Fun Fact

One of our featured golfers is Executive Producer Monesha Lever’s husband, Jon. Seriously, he is in a fantasy golf league. He not only volunteered to be one of our actors, he was the one that tempered our expectations when we featured Rory Mcilroy's signature swing in our animatic. After trying the swing out for ourselves we get it now. #goals.

BTS photo credit: Nina Carter, Buffalo.Agency