You Ask

We need a sizzlin’ sales tape … an impactful HYPE video … an out of this world Upfront tape. We have to wow the ad buying world, entice investors, convince critics, and appeal to board members.

We Answer

With Heather & team’s network background in Upfront presentations, sales conferences, board meetings, TCA, roadshows and all things Ad Sales, AlterEgo has created dozens of videos with the sole purpose of making money and securing investments. For brands like HGTV, Discovery, National Geographic, PBS, TV One, MotorTrend, ID, Discovery+, Booz Allen Hamilton, and CuriosityStream, there isn’t a venue too daunting, a production spec too zany, or a message too muddled. Our job is to sort through the data and tell a compelling story for businesses, companies, and brands.