Sesame Street Season 51


You Ask

Launch Season 51 of everyone’s favorite children’s show, Sesame Street! This year, we’re teaching all new lessons with all the old favorites including Elmo, Cookie and Rosita! For this spot, we would like to utilize the music track performed by super star Hailee Steinfeld featuring this season’s encouraging mantra, “I wonder, what if, let’s try!” The target audience’s age group is pre-school kids, but keep it fun for the parents by highlighting the featured celebrities like Stephen Curry too.

We Answer

I wonder … what if … heck yeah!

Right from the start, we couldn’t wait to check out the song by Hailee Steinfeld to get our brainstorm juices flowing! The HBO Max team supplied us with every type of split we needed so we could remix and make this song pop in our spot.

Knowing the Sesame Street team wanted to keep the focus on their new call to action, we were sure to log, “I wonder, what if, let’s try” anytime it was said within an episode. And there were a ton of great opportunities. Since this was also the chorus to the song we thought a fun approach would be to use repetition, allowing the characters and guests to kick-off the track and have Hailee’s chorus some in for the spike.

Sesame Street is all for teaching children to form their own conclusions, so we thought it would be fun to intertwine moments around the chorus with unique problems that needed solving within the episodes. Although, we weren’t sure how it was going to work, we thought to ourselves, “I wonder, what if, let’s try!” To our delight, it was a success.

Then it was time to bring in the celebrities! Everyone from Issa Rae, Stephen & Ayesha Curry, Maggie Rogers and Billy Porter were featured guests. And since the entire cut is one groovy track, we opted to find moments of the performance only celebs where they appeared to be jamming and dancing along to the piece. It was one big happy street party!

We also created the graphics package for the campaign using assets provided by the HBO and Sesame Street teams pushing both Sesame’s season 51 theme and the HBO Max, “New For You, Here for You” tagline.

Working with some new amazing members of the HBO team provided for a lot of laughs along the way. I mean, how can you have a bad day watching Cookie Monster eat everything in sight all day?! Until next time, see you on the street.

Fun Fact

The first celebrity to appear on Sesame Street was James Earl Jones.