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We’re a new streamer (and a small but mighty team) based out of Singapore and our goal is to become the leading GLOBAL online video streaming service offering high quality and family friendly content that celebrates the culture, arts, people, places, ideas and achievements of Muslims, past and present.

We need a partner who understands branding and production to tell our story both for sales efforts and consumer facing trailers and we thought of you.

We Answer

When we met CEO, Fara Abdullah, and her incredible team of enthusiastic colleagues committed to the mission, we were smitten for sure. We were warned of her warm smile and infectious enthusiasm and we left every conversation with her with renewed passion for our collaboration.

As NewsTalk so astutely pointed out, “When Fara Abdullah stepped into the tech industry, she was already a force to be reckoned with. Fara’s just getting started. Fara’s accomplishments are particularly meaningful considering the serious underrepresentation of woman in tech, of Muslims in tech—and, most of all, of Muslim women in tech.” In the United States, women hold less than one-quarter of tech leadership positions. And Fara believes that this can be challenged by, “leading in business while also speaking out, calling in, and mentoring wherever possible”

But she does not see that negatively, Fara sees inspiration and faith in the future. And we really connected with that. So what is Qalbox all about?

The goal:
Global Representation

The vision:
Streaming the best of quality Muslim-inspired content to a global audience in a modern world

The mission:
A smart & secure platform providing entertaining, informational and engaging content for viewers to discover and enjoy with ease.

Leaning on our expertise helping start up or transitioning brands tell their truth and sell their unique offering is something we are very passionate about. We wanted to see them succeed because their mission is a smart one.

After digesting the strategy we parallel pathed by working on the B2B investor presentation reel and the logo animation with sonic branding first, followed by the consumer facing brand piece to create pre-launch buzz on the streamer itself.

We did not miss a beat (Qalbox. the “qalb” means heart in Arabic ( قلب). The “heart of Muslim entertainment.” Did you see what we did there?) 😉

The 13 hour time difference, quarantining because of COVID, and several major holidays in between did not deter us from our mission to launch this service during Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, lasting from one sighting of the crescent moon to the next and observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting, reflection, and community.

We were provided the logo from their internal team and animation was one of the first bricks to lay for this rebrand. We assembled our dream teams to present both a range of potential animation and signature sonic branding. Combining notes of Muslim culture with iconic imagery - the familiar sites and shapes that speak to the community - we were able to bridge the old to the new in a seamless and representational way.

We leaned into the strategy behind the design provided. Following the counter-clockwise loading motion of the beads, the animation signaled not only the modern digital loading of video content but pulled on the traditional tactile element of the Tasbih. And this took several iterations to really get that balance right. Fears that too much “loading” would signal the service was slow and forever ‘buffering’ where leaning into the more faith based direction would distance the more lifestyle aspects of the brand.

We settled on balance. Animation begins with one bead that develops a stroke that creates the signature Q emblem that leads the final logo lock up.

Simple. Streaming. Smooth.

The sonic branding needed to be the audio extension of this blending of two worlds, past and present. By leaning into traditional instruments found in Muslim music and the cadence of customary prayers, combined with more modern sticky notes found in popular streaming brands, we were able to blend the old with the new in a stand out signature composition.

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Fun Fact

If you listen closely enough you may hear the familiar voice of @ezrazaid in the consumer launch trailer. Host of The Ezra Zaid Project, a podcast that features unique stories and anecdotes often hidden in plain sight.

Man holding magnifying glass to his eye with the title The Ezra Zaid Project