"Profiled: The Black Man" Launch


You Ask

We need a launch promo for a 4-part docu-series that examines a rarely talked about subject matter: the negative and pervasive stereotypes and obstacles that affect Black men in America.

We Answer

We knew we needed to balance the real-life pain and struggle Black men face with hope and optimism and that's exactly how we approached the project from beginning to end highlighting those who are changing the narrative.

Bad fathers. Aggressive. Poor. Angry. Uneducated. Masculine. Dangerous.

While going through the early cuts, it was clear this was an incredibly powerful and provocative series. There was so much important content from the interviews of Black voices including Billy Porter, Sway Calloway, and many more about their real-life experiences, the challenge for us was deciding what to include in our launch spot.

After exploring a few directions, we decided to focus on the heart of the series — challenging false narratives and dispelling destructive stereotypes around Black men, by talking about them.

Taking some of the most raw and honest sound bites from the episodes and a piece of music entitled “Rise Up”, we crafted a spot that hit the negative stereotypes off the top, and then got to the important work providing positive examples of the Black men who defy them.

To not overpower the testimonials, we used a simple graphic treatment and animation to help reinforce the overall message and debunk the myths in hopes to shift the misperceptions, change the conversation, and heal.

Fun Fact

Tina Knowles-Lawson is the Executive Producer behind “Profiled: The Black Man”. She's the mother of Queen Bey, Beyonce.