Own Your Vote "Take Action"


You Ask

Oprah's on the line and she wants you to join her army of creatives for a bipartisan campaign that empowers and activates Black women to show up at the November election armed with the tools and resources they need to make their voices heard. Building on the momentum of a fierce launch spot headlined by none other than the Queen-Bey herself, this multifaceted campaign included everything from show promos, to an inspirational three-part spotlight series, the launch of an edgy new animated series and on-air anthems.

We Answer

When Oprah calls there's only one appropriate answer: Yes ma'am! Yes, yes, yes. We cannot afford to be on the side lines. So, using our powerful storytelling skills we teamed up with Discovery Creative & Production and the internal OWN marketing creatives to determine the best way to rally one of the most active and diverse voting blocs in the U.S. electorate - Black women. The result was a three-month campaign aligning with what we all knew would be a truly momentous presidential race.

Two key creatives served as cornerstones of the campaign. September marked the debut of It's Black Women's Business, capitalizing on celebrity spokeswomen. From actors to activists, a strong female empowerment message reminds Black women that they belong at the polls. October's creative took this messaging one step further, using personal celebrity testimonials combined with Jill Scott's inspirational track, “Golden” in a final push to encourage the OWN audience to take action just days before the election.

We are committed to the belief that all Americans should feel that their life … their perspective …
and their VOTE… matter.

Fun Fact

Women made up 53% of the electorate. - New York Times.com