Mystery Science Theater 3000


You Ask

Create a “wacky and wild” promo to launch the campy comedy series Mystery Science Theater 3000 on AMC Premiere’s digital airwaves by developing and executing a concept that appeals to the show’s avid fanbase.

We Answer

Welcome to the Not-Too-Distant Future! With Mystery Science Theater 3000’s iconic theater footage and riffing commentary off limits, we set out to create a clip-based spot filled with quirky skit moments featuring everyone’s favorite characters to showcase the vast library AMC now offers. Seeking to simultaneously deliver on nostalgia for the series and give the show a fresh and modern take, we crafted a script around lyrics from a fun and fitting hip-hop track.

With the tone set, we began concepting custom graphics that would rally self-proclaimed MSTies with subtle hints to the series. While B-movie imagery still takes center stage in the full screen text-cards, the hexagonal shape featured in the design pays homage to the iconic ‘Door to Movie Madness’ and ultimately reveals the familiar moon logo.

A blue and yellow color palette was settled on to reinforce the sci-fi film influence. The all-caps font and illustrations draw inspiration from the show’s array of cheesy 60’s sci-fi flicks and are evocative of the production itself - a hand crafted creation that pops!

Flying saucer, godzilla like monster, robot, and the text CALLING ALL MSTIES

Faced with a library of 4x3 footage, it was time to get creative with pillar boxes. With the infamous silhouetted movie theater scenes off the table for edit, we opted to incorporate them as a graphic element, turning the premise on its head by putting Joel, the Bots, and the Mads on the big screen.

the Mads looking out at an empty theater from the screen

While things have been known to get a little mad in this series, the launch of this b-grade adventure feels like a party everyone is invited to join.

Fun Fact

Mystery Science Theater 3000 popularized the ‘riffing’ genre, equipped with a budget of $250 a week. I guess some things are better left in the past.