The Great Soul Food Cook-Off


You Ask

Whip up a launch promo for OWN’s new cooking competition show, “The Great Soul Food Cook-Off” in a snackable :15.

We Answer

How do you craft a launch for a brand-new competition show about delicious soul food, in only 15 seconds? Well, after screening the episodes and an existing trailer, it was clear we had a show that was filled with quality ingredients… big personalities, fiery competition, and mouthwatering dishes with deep roots that had us all craving for a longer TRT, but we’re always game for a challenge.

First, we sifted through all the footage, then set aside a variety of colorful sound bites and dished out a few different options for the team to choose from. After we let each of them marinate for a bit, the concept that bubbled to the top was the one that spoke directly to the heart of what made this show so uniquely special, a celebration of soul-food in America. So, we got cooking.

When you have 15 seconds to tell a story, what you put into it is everything and what Senior Editor Nate Hoeft does best. He masterfully brought in all the ingredients with his signature buttery cuts and seamlessly executed a spot that was a perfect balance of information and entertainment.

Once all the unique flavors came together, we topped it off a dash of sound design for the final chef’s kiss and served up a fun little appetizer about a new cooking show with a whole lot of soul.

Fun Fact

Kardea Brown, the host of The Great Soul Food Cook-Off is of Gullah Geechee descent, a term used to describe a distinct group of African Americans living in the coastal areas of South Carolina and Georgia who have managed to preserve much of their West African language, culture, and cuisine.