My Feet Are Killing Me


You Ask

You guys are familiar with Dr. Pimple Popper, right? Well, we have a new series coming out that is like that … only with feet.

We Answer

(throws up in mouth a little)

Just kidding.

Up for any challenge, we gladly accepted the opportunity to lead a launch campaign for this new series with some of our favorite network creatives. And maybe because we didn’t flinch at the content, they rewarded us with two of the nicest (and damn good looking) hosts, Dr. Ebonie and Dr. Brad. And although their medical cases were indeed shocking, the transformations changed real people’s lives. This means a lot to us and we know it means a lot to our friends at TLC.

And, as a bonus, we were reunited with stills photographer and amazing collaborator, Jason Elias, who shot all the stills for key art and static media on the adjacent stage.

The process would be a little different for us. On air promo edit credit goes to TLC editor and long time friend, Todd Stevens. But we executed all fourteen final static web elements, full page Key Art and the Duratrans poster.

As always, color palette is key to any AlterEgo production. Producer, Carol Paik, and TLC Art Director, Jess Johnson, desired a simple and fresh analogous blue palette. Inspired by this direction, we set out to find the perfect blend of paint color for the cycs, complementary props, set dressing and wardrobe to bring this serene BLUE world to life.

Art Director and long time collaborator, Michaela Sulka, sourced a plethora of appropriate medical tools and equipment creating the perfect scene along with propping out playful socks, cowboy boots, and even a custom “6th toe” X-Ray created by AlterEgo Sr. Designer, Jason Leta. So realistic that when asked her thoughts on it, Dr. Ebonie actually questioned if it was real!

VP/ Head of Production, Monesha Lever, and AD, Barker White, managed an ambitious 10-hour day, seamlessly shuttling talent between the stages and multiple setups. Adhering to a strict schedule and having a buttoned up pre pro process enabled us to capture all desired setups (including a sweet tabletop montage of tools for topical end page options), host lines, badass poses, an interview, and a slew of content for digital and social. We even got Dr. Brad donning a Santa hat holding a menorah….mazel.

First Image
Second Image
First Image
First Image
Second Image
Third Image
Fourth Image
First Image
Second Image

Fun Fact

For any given shoot, Justin goes the distance and provides custom diagrams and animatics such as such as the ones below shown here. This just may be the key to our success.

Diagram showing where the cameraman, Jason, was stationed for the shoot