High Design


You Ask

Develop a promo campaign that creates a buzz around the Discovery+ new renovation series, High Design. This isn't your average reno joint though, this one takes you into the weeds (literally!) of local cannabis dispensaries that are trying to turn a new leaf. Marijuana enthusiast and expert designer, Kim Myles, remodels these dispensaries to help elevate their struggling businesses. But once the creative is locked, it's time to sober up, because we need to use D+'s newest packages to create over 20 deliverables of all shapes and sizes!

We Answer

When it comes to designing a promo, it's always good to open your mind and get the creative juices flowing, and what better way than with a little herbal influence? We did just that - as in we used the cannabis lingo to influence our bites and copy! From the start, the D+ team and producers at AlterEgo put their heads together to develop cards that hit on the weed “twist” of the show but still drove home the overarching premise. While screening the episodes, Kim's personality shone through so we were sure to select bites that fueled her creativity and excitement for each design. We ended up also writing a VO line for her to record at the top because who better to get things budding than Kim herself?

Once the script was in place, Senior Editor, Rory Sheridan, worked his magic to create a lively paced edit for all recreational viewing needs. Taking direction from the D+ team, we wanted to feature before shots of the “college dorm aesthetic” that so many of us are familiar with - neon signs, marijuana leaf posters, etc. - but are entirely outdated for a business. He also found great moments of Kim on cam to really let her charisma light up the screen.

Next up our Senior Designer, Jason Leta, came in to take the spot to new highs. The D+ team provided us with a really fun, bright color palette and title treatment. We then had free reign to develop animation that represented the upbeat pacing of our spot and the show. We used only the dopest of elements because how often do you get such a unique subject? I mean, of course, we have to feature a smoke cloud and dancing pot leaves!

Desperate Dispensaries written on a pink background with hemp leaves in the corners Card 1 in :30 - First text line in bubble animates onto screen. As the second text line lands into place, pot leaves populate the border.
Fresh Transformations written on a pink background with hemp in the corners Card 2 in :30 - Italic line starts on screen. The camera angle snaps back as the second text line pops into place accompanied by pot leaves and a puff of smoke that surrounds the copy.
From Half Baked to Fresh written on a pick background with pot leaves in the corners Card in :15 cutdown version - First text line starts on screen. We pause for dramatic effect before the italic line, pot leaves, and smoke populate.
High Design writen on a pink background with pot leaves moving on the edge Provided title treatment with a border of dancing pot leaves!

With all of these elements packed into place, our talented mixer, Tyler, rolled out the final touches, a few bong rips strategically placed to set our promo ablaze.

Fun Fact

Some say the highly celebrated 420 originates from a police code meaning “weed smoking in progress.” Others credit Bob Dylan's “Rainy Day Women #12 and 35" (12x35 = 420, and the chorus wails “Everybody must get stoned”). But experts discredit these origins, instead turning to 5 high school stoners (the Waldos) in 1970s Marin County, CA who'd been gifted a treasure map to a weed garden and held an after-school tradition of lighting up at 4:20pm. One of these high schoolers ended up as a roadie with Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh, and one thing led to another, the term 420 trickling through the marijuana community via psychedelic rock and hazy tour buses. Do you believe the legend?