Chasing Shadows

AMC Premiere

You Ask

Create a compelling character-driven piece that feels both fresh and relevant within the popular crime solving genre. And, the best part, here’s the direct quote from our partner at AMC, “I really want you to feel free to take risks and go wild – no, I mean it!”

We Answer

Come on… you say you mean it but… oh… oh you do mean it. Um OK!

We absolutely love the crime fighting genre, so we jumped right in. The thought process behind developing this concept was heavily based on this one key insight: the AMC brand is very character focused and driven. We challenged ourselves to come up with a way to introduce the series’ unique character to the viewing audience, allowing him to serve as the voice to tell his story. In doing so we were ultimately able to relay the premise of the show to the viewer.

And to receive final feedback in the form of, “Marketing LOVES this promo! Hurrah!” is always the goal.

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Fun Fact

The initial kernel of an idea for the script was sparked by the memory game that ACD, Erica Kern played on long road trips as a kid. “I went to the store and I bought an apple.” “I went to the store and bought an apple and a mango.” Apple. Mango. Carrots. You get the idea...