Modern technology has done wonders for communication in the workplace. Being able to drink coffee from the comfort of your home and still reach out to a client across the country is something that I, admittedly, take for granted. That said, there are downsides to being represented by words on a screen rather than a voice or face. A major challenge for creative teams is making a true connection with your client and ensuring their vision comes to life. That said, I think I have a solution – cat puns. Hear me out meowt.

When I was told that I’d be working on a Cats movie tie-in with HGTV, I was so excited! HGTV is an incredible network with great programming. Then on top of that, we get to work with the star-stacked Cats movie!


We had never had the opportunity to work with this particular HGTV team and knew being personable would help build a relationship throughout the project. Let’s just say, I had a good feeline when the cat puns kicked off right away.

From the scripting process to delivery, cat puns were never off the email playing field. It was a great way for both teams to work through stressful problems while keeping everything pawsitive. Afterall, we’re making TV, so come on, it always has to be fun. And even better, we feel like we made a lasting connection and friendship with the HGTV team.

So maybe puns aren’t your thing, but I highly recommend letting your personality shine through in the text of your emails…especially if you’d like the connection to be memorable.

And since I’ve only scratched the surface in the above, below is a list of our favorite cat puns!

Top 10 Cat Puns

1. Paw-blem

2. Cat-urday

3. Confur-mation

4. Hiss-terical

5. Purrdon

6. Cat-titude

7. Litter-ally

8. Furr-ward

9. Paw-some

10. Catnip for everyone!!

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