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I inhale podcasts. I’ve always been a pretty awful reader of books, so articles and podcasts have been my jam. That is not to say books aren’t important, I just read less of them than I listen to podcasts. My listening habits will change with the seasons, so having a top 10 for me is really a top 5 semi-constants with a rotating 5 ALTs depending on what is on my mind at the time. Currently, and honestly, most of the time now, the shop is on my mind, so here are a bunch of mostly industry related jams with a few randoms… PS. Most people may not know this about me, but I’m kind of a nerd… The kind you like to share a drink with, but also ask to fix your computer or ask about random space facts.

2Bobs – With David C. Baker and Blair Enns

Conversations and very strong opinions about creative businesses and entrepreneurship. Blair Enns, of Win Without Pitching Manifesto and Pricing Creativity, has completely changed the way I’ve thought about the business of creative. From pricing models, to valuing yourself, to setting goals and the pillars of a successful creative company… he’s covered so many topics that have had a great impact on how Heather and I view creative entrepreneurship. Having gone, overnight essentially, from employee to business owner without any formal business training, the learning curve was steep. Many things about owning a company can never be understood until you own a company. Simple logic and being hopeful doesn’t cut it here. This is straight talk from 2 idealistic points of view that has been incredibly helpful for me.

The Wandering DP Podcast – Patrick O’Sullivan

A podcast dedicated to cinematography. Tutorials, product reviews, lighting/scene breakdowns, lenses, cameras etc etc. From movies to commercials, to interviews with famous and not-yet-famous directors and DPs, this podcast has incredibly insightful research and has definitely helped me grow as a cinematographer. Scenes where he’s done diagrams and breakdowns of lighting setups for car interiors has specifically been helpful, but also a place I’ve learned about simple but less used techniques like negative fill. Patrick gives amazing detail about his shoots, including what went wrong, what went great, and what he’s looked for on scout day. His interviews are also great, hearing the career stories of his guests and how different people reached success. This will always be a staple for me. I’m also a Patreon member, so I get even more detailed insights/breakdowns.

RevThinking – Joel Pilger

Another staple in my feed from friend and mentor-from-afar (and sometimes across the table), Joel Pilger. All industry related insights from business models, inspiration, value pricing, new business, to interviews with other creative entrepreneurs (listen to ep 56, special guests Heather Roymans and… well, me!). This is a huge outlet for me, learning industry trends and using the ever changing times to our advantage.

TheFutur – Chris Do

I first learned about Chris when he released a Youtube video on charging for a logo. His confidence was inspirational, but he happily taught and challenged the viewer simultaneously. I learned to listen more, help analyze more, and come up with better solves. Similar teachings to Blair Enns, but with his own twist as a CD and owner. Really great insights on biz ownership and working with clients, and also really great interviews with guests across the board. Possibly my favorite podcast episode of all time was one of his most recent eps with Errol Gerson. Genuinely incredible. Go listen, now.

The Collective Podcast – Ash Thorp

Ash, one of the greats of the greats of the design/animation community. I learned about him initially from my partner, Heather, who had worked with him while she was CD at Discovery and he was at Prologue. Ash interviews other creative forces (GMUNK, Beeple, Toros Kose, Danny Yount – to name the first few to come to mind). Hearing his process, his dedication to greatness and positive outlook is always a fun listen. He can nerd out about computers and programs, to the thought process of coming up with innovative design, down to the best chair to work the 15 hour days. The people he interviews are all legends in their own right. One of my favorite stories he tells his about his commute while working at Prologue. Waking up at 6am to take a bus to a 3 hour train to get to work around 10ish, work until 10pm (if it was done) and then start the 3-4 hour process to go home, and start all over. Few people understand that level of motivation and dedication… and if you want to be amazing you do whatever it takes to be amazing. I dig the fuck out of that.

Feelin’ Good with Duddy – Duddy B of the DirtyHeads

Duddy B, from my favorite band, DirtyHeads, just has an entire podcast about Feelin’ Good. Fun interviews with a bunch of his friends and collaborators (people like Rome Ramirez of Sublime with Rome), telling random stories of fun times, or what went down while creating albums or on tour. Positive vibes and good hangs all day.

StarTalk Radio – Neil DeGrasse Tyson

StarTalk, also now a show on NatGeo. Space. Everything Space. Interviews with people like Bill Nye (sometimes he hosts the guest takeover). My favorite episodes are called Cosmic Queries, where NDT takes questions from everyone on Twitter and Facebook about literally ANYTHING… Obviously, they’re mostly about space, but he takes on religion, other land-sciences, conspiracy theories, and LOTS on what movies get wrong or right about space.

WTF with Marc Maron

Comedian Marc Maron interviews other celebrities/movie stars/Obama. I talked to Obama a couple times… but Marc did for like 2 hours. It was pretty good. Marc interviews *everyone* (Darren Aronofsky, Buddy Guy, Geena Davis, Colbert, Bourdain… literally, everyone) about everything… their careers, stories, likes, dislikes, addictions, overcoming adversities, styles… If you have no idea what to do for an hour or two, just pick any episode of WTF. Guaranteed good times. (He does jam about his cats a LOT though)

The Jordan Harbinger Show

Formerly of The Art of Charm, Jordan is one of the first people to become hella famous and successful from podcasting. He has amazing insights on body language, being confident, presenting, and is just generally inspirational. He also interviews a wide range of people, from intelligence operatives to musicians to innovators that have changed the world. He breaks down their stories to find what made them successful… What are their strategies and perspectives and insights, along with some tips that help you get there along the way.

TED Talks Daily

Wait, you don’t always have 45min – 2 hours to listen to a podcast? Well, me either. I break them up… but sometimes if you want just a random 10-15 minute jam, there is always something interesting going on on Ted Talks Daily. Short random topics that can quickly pique your interest. Good for the short walks with the pup.

I hope you can enjoy some of these and that you found them relevant. I really love the fact that while there may be a consistent theme here, so much of these lessons are SO relevant to the rest of life. Whether it’s reorganizing your priorities or remembering how to genuinely listen to those around you…how best to have conversations with people that disagree with you…it’s all discussed here. Let me know if you have any favorites that I should add to the mix.

Side note: One podcast that is very new to me (I *just* met the engineer and technical coordinator last week – hey Griffin!) that is very likely to enter this top ten is WSJ’s The Journal. Heather is already addicted to the perfect length for her commute and topics ranging from impeachment to Netflix Versus The World.

This post was written by Heather Roymans


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